Trees can provide your yard with beauty and shade, however they need occasional pruning to remain healthy. When trees become overgrown, it’s important not to jump into a DIY approach. There are many potential risks that come with trimming ‘too much’ or improperly. To tend to the needs of your trees, reaching out for help from professionals such as Wheeler’s Tree Services to safely trim trees is beneficial in providing proper tree care and avoiding common mistakes.

How to Safely Trim Trees with Professionals

Why Professional Pruning is Best

Trimming trees isn’t as simple as it seems. Certified arborists understand the biology of a tree, including how each cut affects both its short-term and long-term health. A professional will always consider factors like the type of tree being trimmed, the time of year it’s trimmed, and what size or width cuts should be made on which branches (if any). Making even one wrong cut can cause irreversible damage and dramatically shorten a tree’s lifespan – leaving you worse off than having done nothing at all!

The Dangers of DIY Trimming

Most home owners lack an understanding of proper cutting techniques when trimming their own trees – resulting in potential hazards that can put yourself or others around you at risk:

  • Wrong Cuts: Knowing where cuts should be performed safely against natural branch collars is essential knowledge when it comes to pruning properly so that rot doesn’t occur after pruning has been completed.
  • Unsafe Conditions: Without using proper personal protective equipment such as climbing harnesses, helmets & gloves home owners increase their risk for injury tremendously.
  • Powerlines & Structures: Being unaware about powerlines near trees or structures nearby an incorrectly positioned branch could lead too damage if allowed unattended.
  • The Risk Of Strain Injury: Ladders are often used during routine service by trained technicians – but when uninformed individuals use them to trim themselves they may find themselves unable carry heavy branches from heights above ground level without causing strain injuries

Reach Out For Help From Wheeler’s Tree Services

If you’re looking for experienced professionals who specialize in keeping your outdoor living space safe and beautiful – consider calling our team here at Wheeler’s Tree Services today! Our services include everything from diagnosing possible diseases & pests along with removals & policy applications necessary to preserve a healthy lawn all while maintaining aesthetic appeal while completing thorough clean ups post job completion we guarantee complete customer satisfaction every time! Give us a call today!

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